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Proposed Regional Youth Strategy
Enabling all young people to realise their potential.  

We are a specialist provider of education and youth mentoring services working with over 3,000 young
people every year throughout the South Island. We have been working in this challenging but rewarding
area for over 35 years.

We know through first-hand experience our young people face complex barriers that prevent them from
achieving success.  Current policy settings have made it increasingly difficult for us to cluster pastoral
supportand a learning environment for these young people in a manner that would greatly meet their needs.

How do we do this better?
In late 2017, we committed to writing the paper; Proposed Regional Youth Strategy Document
for the purpose of contributing to the discussion and thinking around youth transition and how this
may be improved.

We are delighted to see the new government appears to be receptive to considering a fundamental change
across the provision of youth transition services.  We need to be a strong voice for those young people
who struggle to achieve success in their education, personal, social and career development.
This matters across all of New Zealand that we are building good citizens – successful members of their
community who have great careers.

How can I help?
We are gathering support from people and organisations involved with education and youth transition
services, in order to inform the policy makers that a more coordinated youth transition strategy will
improve the lives of our young people.

On behalf of our young people, it is our collective responsibility to engage and have this conversation
with government.  The necessary changes can only be influenced at a policy level.

If you would like to join the conversation, have any questions or commments or you would like to 
request a copy of the Proposed Regional Youth Strategy Document, please fill out the form below,
or email Doug Reid and Tony Hall at youth.strategy@comcol.ac.nz with your details.


Request a copy of the Proposed Youth Strategy Document below: