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YOUTH SERVICE: Mentoring 16-17yrs

ComCol Marlborough provide a FREE Youth Service for most 16 & 17 year olds,
giving them guidance & support, to help them into education, training or work-based learning.

Find out more below, give us a call or find us on Facebook

Youth Service at Community College Marlborough

Phone:  (03) 578 2886; 

65 Scott Street, Blenheim
PO Box 471, Blenheim 7240

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    Youth Service at Community College Marlborough provides two services to youth 
    in Blenheim/Kaikoura:

    1. To assist 16-17 yr olds not already engaged in education, employment or training to achieve 
        sustained outcomes in these areas.

    2. To assist young people receiving financial assistance from Work & Income to comply with their 
        obligations and achieve sustained education, training or employment outcomes (Kaikoura only).


    Community Colleges NZ have been contracted to provide a new free "Youth Service" 
    in the Blenheim / Kaikoura, Nelson / Tasman, Otago, Southland, South Canterbury and 
    North Canterbury areas. 

    The aim of the service is to get young people into education, training or work-based learning. 
    If you are 16 or 17 years old and not in education, training or work, Youth Service can probably 
    help you. We may also be able to help you if you are 15 years old and no longer attending school.

    Check out the Youth Service website for more info. Our Youth Advisors will talk through your 
    options for education, training or work-based learning and will help you plan to get to where you 
    want to be. Part of the service is providing you with guidance & support tohelp you make the right
    decisions for your situation and to help you gain access to services and extra support you may 
    need along the way.

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(03) 578 2886
65 Scott Street, Blenheim
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